Hard time learning verbs

I am going through season 3 on TextFugu right now, and I’ve reached the verbs part. Before I start learning grammar rules such as past and negative tense, I have to learn some basic verbs.

Here are some examples:

かいます = To Buy
きます = To Come
します = To Do
のみます = To Drink
かきます = To Write
いきます = To Go
まちます = To Wait
もちます = To Hold

I currently have a list of about 50 verbs that I have to learn. The difficult part is that they sound very similar, even if you don’t think about the ます (masu) part.

I am using Anki to learn these words. However, I’ve found that if I try to learn too many new words in one day, I won’t really learn anything. I have to set a max daily limit, which right now is 10 verbs a day. This means that it will take a good amount of days before I’ve learned and mastered (aka I can recognize them without problems) all of them.

What I do with my Anki decks is to search Google Images to find pictures that can help me when I go through the words in Anki. However, some verbs are difficult to visualize, e.g. “to go” or “to do”. They can be a little abstract which makes them difficult to remember. Also, many of the words sound very similar, even if they have nothing to do with each other. An example would be まちます (machimasu = to wait) and もちます (mochimasu = to hold).

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